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Being Prepared For Website Design


When it is time to start thinking about having a website created for your business or for personal use there are a number of things that you need to think about before hand. Rather you are using a design company or doing it yourself these are things that could help move your project along faster.

1) Research websites that are related to your industry

Looking at websites of other companies or personal sites that are related to your website will help you get an idea of how you would like your site to be setup. Take note of things that you do or do not like about these sites which will allow for an easier design of your website. This information is useful in creating a custom layout for your site that is geared towards your taste and not just a copy and paste kind of deal.

2) Think about necessary pages you need on your site

Before you or a designer begins to layout the design for your website it helps to know what the necessary pages and elements are needed for your site. Think about the things that you would like to see in your navigation e.g. (services, about, contact, etc…) and any of the things that you think should be highlighted on your main page. The one thing you do want to avoid is overdoing it, it is not a good idea to try to fit a lot of links in your main navigation not counting drop down links.

3) Write content for your pages

This is especially true when you are using a web company to create your site for you. Having the content written for each of the pages on your site will make reaching the finish line of your project a lot easier. Content is probably the biggest hold up when it comes to completely a web project on time because it isn’t available when it is time for it to be added.

If you aren’t a great writer they’re are content writer available that can write your content for you. They generally would get to know a bit about you and your business like any other service providing professional so that they could create content that will be geared towards the feel of your business.

There are many place that you could look for writers such as Writer Access or Elance, you could also post an ad on Craigslist. These are just a few option, but with a quick Google search you will find many others.

4) Gather all of your social media links

This seems like a simple thing but you would be surprised as to how many people are not prepared with their social media links or don’t think that this is important. The fact is that majority of the adult world is now on social media and with proper use could help you potentially find new customers. You would want to at least have a business page on Facebook and a Twitter account and try to be as active as possible on these platforms.

Learn more about social platform user from copyblogger.

5) Gather all imagery you may want on your site

Having images prepared in advance especially if they need to be taken professionally is a nice thing to have done as well. Generally if it is not necessary to photos of your location then you can do stock photography and a web design company can help you with that. If you are trying to highlight your services or location with images that you would want to have a professional come before hand.

Some, but not all, web companies may offer professional photography services to their local customers if you are having trouble finding a photographer. Photographers seem to grow on trees, however you would want to see some of their samples first to make sure that they are quality because anyone can pick up a camera and say they are now a photographer.

If you want to go the stock photography route you could use Shutterstock, Adobe, or iStock as they are some popular paid services that have high quality imagery available.

Being prepared and organized is key when considering have a website build or building a website yourself. Creating a plan and using all of the information that you have collect will give you or your web company a clearer vision of the direction that you want to go in. You will find taking the time to do these things will make this process much easier and much less of headache.

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