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Why Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Ready!


Did you notice the trends lately? Everybody is checking their smartphones hundreds of times per day, mobile device sales escalated in a way nobody expected, and today, people can’t do without a mobile device. Most of us are completely addicted and depended on these devices. So again, why do you think your website should be mobile ready? First of all, it should be like this in order to satisfy the millions of mobile device users worldwide, who are looking for information using these devices first, and only afterwards using the computer or laptop. And secondly, because a mobile responsive web page is a must, according to the latest rules of Google. Keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know about the subject.

It’s enough to take a look around, in the bus stations, in lunch breaks, coffee shops or even on the street, people are always using their mobile devices. Why are they doing so? They are either communicating with someone, checking their inbox or social account, or they are looking for some information. That information might be present on your website. Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, the user trying to access your web page from his mobile device will find a page that is incredibly difficult to see and read. The design and content will appear very large, making your visitor constantly scroll up and down, from left to right, just to be able to read one full sentence or very small to where they will have to zoom in and out. You can imagine that the person will stop trying to use your site, exiting the page and looking for one that is more suitable for mobile devices. So, you just lost a potential customer, one out of million more that use mobile devices and might do the same.

A mobile-friendly website has a responsive design, which means it will fit any mobile device. If a person is searching on the Internet for the type of content your website has and finds it, the moment he will access your page, the entire format will be adjusted to the shape and size of screen he uses. The result? A miniature sized version of your web page, which looks splendid and it is easy to read and use. No more scrolling in all directions, making the user’s experience a very pleasant one this time. That person will definitely have your site in mind, and look for it again on the next occasion. Whether you like it or not, at the present moment, this is the trend for the future, and you should go with it if you wish to become or remain successful. The use of mobile internet is predicted to increase still in the coming years, so take the proper measures and do what it takes to have a mobile ready site, because times are changing, and at a very fast pace.

To have an idea of just how important a mobile responsive web page is, you should have one aspect in mind. It is preferred by Google, and it is one of their ranking criteria. Do you wish your website to appear in the first page of search results on Google? Then you’d better make your website mobile ready. The Internet’s mastodon announced at the beginning of the year that they will add this new criteria to the way they rank web pages. Although, this is not a new issue, since Google started back in 2012 that they prefer sites that are mobile responsive, perhaps being able to predict the incredible expansion in the use of mobile devices. Thus, starting with the spring of this year, Google ranks all pages according to this fact as well. But Google took this aspect to another level and went even to punishing website owners for not having a mobile responsive site. How they do this? Google will greatly decrease your page ranking within their search results. So if you are wondering why your site is not generating enough traffic, it may be very well because of this reason. If you don’t have a mobile ready site, you won’t be found in search results and even if you do, by some miracle, your visitor probably won’t site around because of a bad user experience.

Not sure whether your website is or not mobile friendly? Access Google mobile friendly testing tool and you will find out. It is a verifying tool set up by Google, so you will know for sure whether you need to take action or not. If the results tell you that your site is not mobile-friendly, you should start doing something before your site plummets to far in the search results. You may already notice that on the Internet competition is extremely harsh because everybody has a site for their business. In case your competitors already made their websites mobile friendly then they have one huge step ahead of you. So many mobile device users out there will find their website first, with yours not appearing anywhere in sight. If you thought that making a site mobile ready is a caprice of the modern times we are living in, you were wrong. It is not a caprice, it is a necessity and a mandatory condition if you want your website to survive out there. Today, it is not enough to have exceptional products and services, a gorgeous website with outstanding content, because this particular criteria can throw your site in the darkest corners of the Internet, somewhere where no one will ever find out. You still have time to stop these things from happening, by taking action and turning your site into a mobile friendly one.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your company and brand will make it in these conditions, then you must respect the rules of the game, those being a website that is suitable for mobile users as well. It would be a pity for your entire work and efforts to go down the drain, just because your site did not meet this condition. With a bit of attention your site can be revitalized and updated so that your site will be compliant with Google’s mobile standards. Things are not complicated at all, but taking care of this matter can bring you a great deal of benefits. Get ready to see an increase in the number of visitors, sales, subscribers, and of everything else around you, just by having a mobile friendly site. It is true that these aspects also depend on the type of content you offer. But again, the content can be top-notch but if people cannot access it from their mobile devices than most people won’t read it. Do this and see how things change and evolve for your business, regardless of its type.

Don’t panic if you don’t know to whom to turn for help in this matter. We can help can just contact us and we can help steer you in the right direction.


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