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Your website is a key piece of your business to build relationships with your clients. It should provide meaningful content and information to present your business as an authority in your market. Most businesses we find do not keep the content on their website up-to-date. They will allow information and even the structure of their website fall behind and out of date.

We understand that running your business and managing your website is a challenging task. But ask yourself this question, when is the last time you even looked at your website? If you are having trouble answering that question then you are missing a big opportunity.

People are using the internet more and more for information to help them make buying decisions. If your website is challenging to find or worst yet not mobile friendly you’re leaving money on the table. We are here to help you turn your website around and build a lead generating machine.

We will take you through a process to discover your deep routed business needs to make an actionable plan. Our solutions are completely customized to your business as every business is unique. If you’re ready to improve your website and make a changed in your business contact us today.

Web Solution

We build more than a website, it’s an online solution that helps your business grow and achieve the goals that you envisioned for your business.

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We take existing projects and help get them across the finish line when you just need that extra helping hand to guide the way.

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Business Support

We offer website maintenance and monitoring services to keep your site safe with optional SEO services to increase your website rankings.

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Working with Bright Thought Design was a wonderful experience. They took the time to fully understand the vision I had for my website design and brand. I was able to view my site’s progression in real time, offer feedback, and I always received a response within 3 to 4 business hours. As my business expands, I will continue to work with them.

- Amber – AMS Consulting Group

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